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Apply for Wyoming L.E.A.D.

To be eligible for the program, participants must be a Wyoming resident for at least one year and be a minimum of 25 years old. Preference is given to applicants who are involved in agricultural production or an ag-related business.

A selection committee interviews eligible applicants and their spouses (if applicable) before the class begins. Up to 16 men and women are selected for each L.E.A.D. class.  Individual participants contribute a portion of the program costs through tuition and individual donations.

Class 16 has graduated, but will be fulfilling their travel seminars in 2021.  Class 17 interviews will likely be held in the Spring of  2022, with the seminars beginning in the Summer of 2022.



  1. Orientation
    2 days - Lander
  2. Fundamentals of Communication
    3 days - Ucross
  3. Ag & Natural Resource Policy
    3 days - Green River
  4. Value-Added Agriculture
    3 days - Cody
  1. State Government
    4 days - Cheyenne
  2. Federal Government
    6 days - Washington, DC
  3. Rural Economics & Marketing
    3 days - Torrington
  4. Estate Planning & Family Relations
    3 days - Afton
  1. Energy & Timber Industries
    3 days - Hulett
  2. Regional or International Study Tour
    (7–10 days)
  3. Implementation & Achievement
    3 days - Casper


Wyoming L.E.A.D. class 17 will begin in the Fall of 2021. Qualified applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee and the final candidates chosen two months prior to the first seminar.